About Great Lakes Business Credit

At Great Lakes Business Credit, we provide small and medium-sized businesses with great service and powerful financial solutions to help them be successful.

Our Objective: Financial Stability for Your Business

Great Lakes Business Credit offers more than alternative financing. We offer stability through tough times and the tools needed to affect a successful business turnaround. Each client that returns to a bank lending relationship is a true success story.

Established in 2002, Great Lakes Business Credit is staffed with an experienced team of dedicated financial professionals. We service companies with potential that are unable to obtain bank financing.

By working to understand our client’s business, we structure a financial package to suit their needs. We offer Asset Based lines of credit and Factoring facilities in which lendable collateral consists of Accounts Receivable, Inventory, and Machinery & Equipment.

Borrowers, lenders, and intermediaries should call Great Lakes Business Credit when a company:

  • is a start up or relatively new business
  • is experiencing operating losses
  • has little or no equity
  • has stretched payments to vendors
  • is restructuring their business

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